Privacy policy

Vegan Parenting and Caregiving and its Japanese-language website, Vegan Kosodate (“This website”) is managed with the following precautions in regards to compliance with the regulations, ordinances, rules, and standards for the treatment of personal information.

Personal Information Protection Policy

1. Basic Policy

This website uses a policy that protects personal information in compliance with the Japanese “Laws on Personal Information”  as well as other related rules and regulations.

2. Handling of Personal Information

This website uses personal information for strictly the following purposes and will not share users’ information with third parties without first obtaining consent or for a legitimate, justifiable purpose.

This website uses personal information in order to:

– Respond to any questions, concerns, or queries users may have.

– Contact users to inform them of upcoming campaigns and events.

3. Disclosure to Third Parties

This website may entrust the personal information obtained for the reasons outlined in “2. How This Website Uses Personal Information” to a subcontractor.

Additionally, users’ personal information may be shared with third parties in the following five circumstances:
– When the user consents to the sharing of their personal information

– When the circumstances are in compliance with regulations

– When the information is necessary to protect a person’s life, body, or personal property, and there are issues that prevent us from obtaining the user’s consent

– When the information is necessary to uphold public health or the health of a child, and there are issues that prevent us from obtaining the user’s consent

– When a state agency, local public entity, or figure entrusted as such requires said information in order to carry out affairs prescribed by laws and ordinances, and obtaining the user’s consent might hinder the execution of the operations concerned

4. Management of Personal Information

This website stores personal information safely, in a way that preserves its accuracy. Measures have been taken to prevent loss of, destruction of, tampering with, unauthorized access to, and leaking of personal information. Additionally, our website and system is constantly updated and improved to ensure that such issues never occur.

5. Disclosure of, Changes to, and Deletion of Personal Information

If any user requests disclosure, or requests to change or delete their own personal information, we will fulfill those requests upon verifying the user’s identity provided there are no unusual or extenuating circumstances which would cause issues.

6. Adjustments and Improvements to the Privacy Policy

The privacy policy may be updated or adjusted to provide improved protection, or in order to comply with new laws and regulations.

7. Questions and Concerns about Our Privacy Policy or How We Handle Personal Information

Please feel free to contact us by email or using our contact form regarding the disclosure of, or changes to your personal information, as well as with any questions or concerns you may have about how we handle personal information.

About the Advertisements on This Website

This website utilizes two third-party advertising services, Google AdSense and Amazon Associates. Advertisers such as these may use “Cookies,” information about what kind of websites–including this website–you visit, so that you will see ads for products and services that relate to your interests. Cookies do not include personal information like your legal name, address, email address, or telephone number.

For more information on Google AdSense, such as the details of this process and how to prevent your data from being used by advertisers, please refer to Google’s advertising policy.

About the Tools We Use to Analyze Traffic on This Website

This website employs a web traffic analysis tool called “Google Analytics.” In order to collect data on web traffic, it uses cookies.

The web traffic data is collected anonymously and cannot be used to track specific people.

Users may refuse to send their data by disabling cookies. Please adjust your browser settings if desired.

For further information, please see the Google Analytics Terms of Service.

About Posting Comments on This Website

When users post comments on this website, their IP address is recorded. This is to prevent spamming and malicious content. IP addresses will not be used for any other purpose.
Please note that all comments will be checked and approved before being posted.

Additionally, comments may be removed for the following reasons:
If they are deemed slanderous, abusive, or insulting to a person, entity, or organization;
If they are deemed too obscene;
If the content is related to banned or illegal substances and items, as well as garments or any other objects that cause harm to others; including content related to dealings and mediations involving such substances, items, garments, and objects;
If the content goes against public order and morals in other ways, including content that the administrators of this website deem inappropriate.

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